House Maths KS3


Louise Norris

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Closing out the spring term was the inaugural House Maths challenge which saw teams of 4 year 7s and 8s battle it out in a series of problems designed to test their logic, memory, and ability to apply curriculum content to trickier problem solving questions.

The students competed in the following three rounds:

  • Problem Solving – Students had 20 minutes to answer as many of the ten questions correctly. Points were awarded for any correct answers.
  • Memory – Teams split in two for this challenge. The two chosen to have the best memory had to remember as much of an image containing mathematical equations, graphs and formulae as they could. After 5 minutes, they returned to their teams and had to relay what they had seen to the remaining teammates who would draw their interpretation of the poster. Points were awarded for the number of correctly placed / detailed items.
  • Merry Go Round – This was an individual round where each student had to answer as many of their questions as possible within 5 minutes. After this time students rotated question sheets and repeated the process but with only 4 minutes on the clock. This gave students a bit of pressure and time to change their teammates’ answers if needed. Points were awarded for any correct answers.

The students really enjoyed showing off their skills and worked together brilliantly where they were allowed to. An additional shout out goes to William Fox (8Cowper) who managed to participate as a solo team after his team were unable to make it at short notice! Even with team members down he still managed to achieve a great result of 4th for Cowper.


Year 7:

1st – Kinman

2nd – Hale

3rd – Cowper

4th – Croft

5th – Wallace

6th – Page


Year 8:

1st – Hale

2nd – Wallace

3rd – Croft

4th – Cowper

5th – Kinman

6th – Page