Wellbeing, Support and Guidance


Joining the Sixth Form is an exciting time and we are here to support you with the steps you need to take to make your transition as smooth as possible. Your two years post-GCSE may well be the toughest of your life so far. As well as studying for the examinations that will help you towards success in life, you’ll probably start learning to drive, work part-time, turn eighteen and generally feel much more grown up than you did in Year 11. The distractions from your school work can seem endless. Your wellbeing is very much at the forefront of all the decisions we make. Sixth Form work is demanding and the transition from a teenager to a young adult can be difficult, so it is important that your wellbeing comes first.

We take a whole school approach to wellbeing that encourages students to build emotional resilience, and helps them to understand the importance of looking after their own mental health, as they face the various challenges that modern life presents.

We understand that life is not always straightforward and so we also provide support that is tailored to each student, whenever the need arises. The first port of call for any concerns about wellbeing is your Form Tutor. Our Sixth Form Welfare & Support Officer, Ms Hannah Chiswick (hch@richardhale.co.uk) and Heads of Year can also be approached for help and they can make a referral to our Student Support Team who will help to secure the most appropriate support. Our support may include peer mentors, group work and regular contact with an adult in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space for students to talk about anything that may be worrying them. We also can refer to outside agencies and professionals who can help.

We are here for you; please let us know if something is troubling you, however small, and we can help you sort it.

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