House Badminton 2024


Louise Norris

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Last week saw the return of the house badminton events for students in years 7 through 10. Team consisted of 5 students in each house who played a round robin doubles tournament against each of the other houses. Each game lasted 8 minutes or until one of the teams had reached 21 points, whichever came sooner. Sixth form sports leaders were on hand to keep the score and ensure that the students understood all of the rules.

The students really enjoyed the opportunity to play competitively and were enthusiastically supporting their teammates from the sidelines when not playing – a real credit to the RHS ethos!

The image below is from the year 8 event.



Year 7

1st – Wallace

2nd – Kinman

3rd – Hale

4th – Cowper

5th – Page

6th – Croft


Year 8

1st – Kinman

2nd – Cowpet

3rd – Croft

4th – Hale

5th – Wallace

6th – Page


Year 9

1st – Page

2nd – Hale

3rd – Wallace

4th – Croft

5th – Cowper

6th – Kinman


Year 10

1st – Wallace

2nd – Hale

3rd – Kinman

4th – Cowper

5th – Croft

6th – Page