Results 2023


We are delighted with the results this summer. The students have done fantastically well having faced challenges during their learning over the last few years. The grades reflect all their hard work.

Congratulations to all the students on their results this summer.

The Government made the decision to return to standards of 2019 this year, removing the adjustment they made in 2022 to support the students who had been disrupted due to school closures. Nationally results are lower in 2023 than in 2022. The results at Richard Hale School are all significantly above the national averages in the measures below.


GCSE Results


Results 2019

Results 2022

Results 2023

9-5 including English and maths56%69%65%
9-4 including English and maths80%92%86%
Strong pass in EBACC 32%50%39%
Standard pass in EBACC48%63%52%
Attainment 8 51.6359.3655.09
Progress 8-0.23+0.4



Maths Outcomes

Grade% of students achieving grades
9 to 7 Grades28%
9 to 5 Grades72%
9 to 4 Grades89%


English Outcomes – Best of Language or Literature

Grade% of students achieving grades
9 to 7 Grades30%
9 to 5 Grades71%
9 to 4 Grades87%

Post 16 Outcomes


Results 2019

Results 2022

Results 2023

APS per entry33.79 (C+)37.98 (B-)34.4 (C+)
BTECMeritDistinction –

Distinction –





The vast majority of students achieved their place at their first (106) or second (13) choice University. Students secured places in a wide range of institutions for a whole host of courses. One student secured his place at Oxbridge to study Biology, while we also have students who have gone to study maths, humanities, sciences and a whole range of other subjects at Russell Group (32% of the cohort) and other Universities. Most importantly, students have secured places at institutions that they feel will provide them with the qualifications and experience they desire. Congratulations to them all.


Several of our students have secured Higher Level Apprenticeships. These apprenticeships enable students to work and study at the same time to achieve a degree. We are still waiting for confirmation of the details of the apprenticeship providers and the nature of the subject to be studied for this year’s cohort. Some examples of apprenticeships that have been secured in the past include Cancer Research UK, HG construction in the role of a Quantity Surveyor, IBM, Chartered Management with AON, Civil Service for Apprentice Economist and Catapult Cell and Gene Therapy.

Please note:

Whilst the Government have stated that because of the impact of the pandemic they recommend that direct comparisons with data from previous years or between schools should not be made, the results of the last three examination years have been included to enable you to view the outcomes of the school over the last three examination years.

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