Information for Parents


As a parent, you play an important role in helping to shape and support your child’s future career. At Richard Hale our careers programme very much puts an emphasis on careers education being much more than just learning about different jobs. We are preparing them for their future lives and all the steps along the way. With this in mind, we work closely with parents to both inform and involve them in this process so that together we can broaden the horizons of the students and act in their best interests.

We are also aware that parents can sometimes feel bewildered by the wide range of opportunities, pathways, and qualifications on offer these days. The information on these pages provides and overview of many of these and should enable you to discuss the range of options with your child.

There are 2 main transition points for students in secondary school: post-16 and post-18. At the end of Year 11 all students must remain in some form of education, training or work related learning, until the age of 18. At the end of Year 13 the main 3 options available are going to university, taking up an apprenticeship, or starting full time employment. Students may also decide to take a gap year before embarking on their chosen pathway.


Information about Apprenticeships

Information about A Levels & BTecs at Richard Hale

Information about College courses


There is a huge wealth of information a guidance aimed at parents to support their child with making education and career decisions. At Richard Hale we make extensive use of the Career Pilot tool which has a dedicated Parent Zone. This has many parent focused videos and FAQs about everything from GCSE options to Student Loans.

Another great place to start these conversations is Talking Futures which provides advice on how to have conversations with your child about their future, including a whole toolkit of resources to start drip feeding this discussion early on.

Career Pilot

Talking Futures

This video provides a great overview of the ways you can support your child when discussing their next steps and career ambitions.