Recognising Achievement


We publically recognise and rewards students’ many achievements throughout their time at the school.

Our achievement system covers both academic and extra-curricular successes and ensures students are rewarded for meeting our school values. We take great pride in showcasing the significant talents and skills our students develop both within, and outside, of school and take every opportunity to share these successes with the wider school community.


Richard Hale Shield Badges


This most important part of our rewards system has been designed to guide students on a School career path in readiness for the competitive world that awaits them in the future. It is also designed to recognise students for their efforts to improve both themselves and the school, be it via the progress they make in lessons or the positive contributions they have made to the School community.

Our shield awards are based closely on the demonstration of these values by students in their daily conduct by meeting our 3 school values: Aim High, Respect Others, Show Commitment.


Students work towards the 6 badges during their time at school, beginning with Bronze and aspiring to receive the Governors Badge at the end of Year 11. Students need to complete 4 half term periods at our required standard in order to receive their next badge.

They are required to meet our 4 criteria for a half term period to count towards their next badge. Students are informed at the start of each half term if they have ‘banked’ the previous half term, and for students who this is not the case it is used as an opportunity to reflect on what they need to do to improve.