Aims and Ethos


The school motto is, “Learning with Virtue.” Our aim is for every student to:

  • Respect Others– so students show respect to the whole community and become young people of character who want to and will contribute to society.
  • Aim High– so all students achieve their potential
  • Show Commitment– by engaging in the opportunities available to not only develop their own interests and skills, but also to enrich the life of the school.


These aims are built on the long standing traditions of the school, first established by Richard Hale himself in 1617 and have become part of the core purpose of this school in the last 400 years. To achieve this, we have high expectations for every student. Our key ambition is for every Richard Hale student to have an education which provides them with the opportunities for the future and the skills needed in the 21st Century. Alongside this we want all students to become caring and responsible members of society.


In order to achieve this, we aim to;

  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum which meet the academic needs of each student, which challenges them and enables them to achieve their ambitions in the future.
  • Develop student skills and individual talents through their learning and experiences in school.
  • Develop student’s self-esteem and confidence, leadership and teamwork skills through the learning in lessons and our extensive extra-curricular programme.
  • Ensure the personal well-being and safety of every student through use of the pastoral system which recognises individual differences and needs, but which systematically provides both academic and personal support for individual students at every stage of their school life.
  • Provide an environment which celebrates success and effort and enables all to learn effectively.
  • Provide learning experiences in the classroom that enable students to be inspired to achieve their very best in everything they do.
  • Ensure students understand the importance of respect and beliefs of others so they can contribute effectively to society.
  • Support all students after the experiences in the Pandemic both academically and pastorally.

Remembrance Ceremony 2022