Hale House Team


Head of House: Mr Smith

House Captain: Luke McCutcheon

Vice House Captain: Jack Munt

Who was Hale?

Hale is named after Richard Hale, the founder of the school.  He died in 1620, shortly after the school was opened. He made his fortune as a London trader and lived at Kings Walden, Bury. He paid for the building and left money in his will to keep it going for many years.


Mr Smith, Head of House, says:

In 2020, members of Hale House decide that being part of Hale was like being in the army, where they are willing to work for each other, take opportunities, be proactive and be a team player. This vision really signifies not only what we want to see across the years in Hale House but what the School would like to see. Being an Ex-Richard Hale student, I have fond memories of the House system, where I wish to really embed the competitive but inclusive environment into Hale. As a House we are aiming to build upon the culture that is currently within the House and for every student to try the hardest and get involved as much as possible.