Croft House Team


Head of House: Mr McKay

House Captain: Ryan Drummey

Vice House Captain: Oliver Shanley

Who was Croft?

Croft is named after Admiral Richard Beynon Croft.  He was born in 1843 and died at Fanhams Hall, Ware in 1912. He was a pupil at the school until the age of 15 when he joined the Royal Navy. He married Anne Page of the big malting family in Ware and ran that business for many years. He gave money to the school improvements in 1900.

Mr McKay, Head of Croft, says:

I feel very lucky to have inherited the winning House of last year and I am aiming to achieve similar heights this year. Croft House is known as the “House of Determination” with one student commenting last year that to be in Croft House, means to “never back down from a challenge”. This is a key philosophy of mine going forward where members of Croft will feel comfortable putting themselves forward for a range of activities. My key message this year is “why not?” which embodies the idea that students will never know what they are capable of if they do not try new things. Alongside this, members of Croft should remember that “talent may win games, but teamwork and determination wins championships”. Furthermore, I am aiming to create a community of students who respect each other’s successes whilst having the determination and courage to take part themselves so that all students can look back on their time at Richard Hale and know that they tried their very best to develop themselves in all aspects.