Kinman House Team


Head of House: Mr McNamee

House Captain: Toby Bateman

Vice House Captain: Charley Roper

Who was Kinman?

Kinman is the newest House, formed in September 2007. It is named after Major George W Kinman MA, Headmaster of Hertford Grammar School 1905-1927, 21 years. Major Kinman was unusual for the time in that he encouraged extra-curricular activities and did not just focus on ‘bookwork’. He was responsible for re-instating the White Gloves Ceremony.


Mr McNamee, Head of House, says:

Every student will wear the same colours but this doesn’t instantaneously create a team. Kinman House is a KIN-MUNITY, we will raise standards and inspire one another through unshakable belief in oneself with no limit to what can be achieved. We are a House that will always encourage students to consistently be the best version of themselves which ultimately is a springboard for greater things. Yet, wherever our Kinman House ambition takes us, if we embrace the opportunities and provision at Richard Hale, then we will always look back knowing we tried our very best at all times