Wallace House Team


Head of House: Mr Wolff

House Captain: Ben Davis

Vice House Captain: Henry Smith

Who was Wallace?

Alfred Russel Wallace was among the most prominent naturalists, explorers, and geographers of the 19th century. Through travelling extensively in both Asia and South America and examining the natural surroundings he found, he independently conceived the theory of evolution through natural selection. This is a process by which species naturally mutate into a more able version of themselves, which causes them to be better adapted to their natural environments and survive as a species.His work on the subject was published alongside Charles Darwin’s in 1858, and inspired Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, published in the following year.


Mr Wolff, Head of Wallace, says:

Students in Wallace House are encouraged to uphold the legacy of Alf red Russell Wallace by rigorously exploring opportunities both at school and beyond, pursuing adventure, and enjoying a journey of discovery in the same manner that he did. They must take it upon themselves to cultivate such an attitude with respect to each challenge they face. Opportunity constantly presents itself, and we must always be ready for it, hence our House motto:  Wallace Opportunity Waits! #WOW!